How To Take Perfect Wedding Pictures

Written by Katie @ Lovebird Productions

We all know there is no such thing as perfect but we can sure try our best. It seems that from the moment you get engaged and especially on your wedding day a camera is always close by. Pictures not only help us remember details of special events but it is also a forever keepsake. Now let me prep this post by saying I am NO expert on taking good pictures. I look bad in 97% of pictures taken of me posing or not posing. Regardless, I can offer a few tips for taking really pretty photos for your special moments.


Winter Inspiration Board

Written by Katie @ Lovebird Productions

I have tried really hard to hold off on Christmas posts but I could not wait any longer. This cold weather (finally) is making my head spin with Christmas and winter wedding ideas.

I love this time of the year! It brings magic and even more happiness to your day. We are surrounded by Christmas lights, happy smiles, red stripes and ornaments. The biggest thing I love is that it is the time of year when gals get engaged. And to quote Tracy Turnblad "I can hear the bells."


Discovering Your Wedding Style

Written by Katie @ Lovebird Productions

When it comes to planning a wedding one of my key items for a bride is to discover her wedding style. What makes you swoon? What melts your butter? What makes you jump up and down? It may be bold prints. It could be pastel peonies. It might be burlap bows. It could be a DIY project. Whatever makes your heart happy is the start to your wedding style.


Surround Yourself With Inspiration

Written by Katie @ Lovebird Productions

Happy Friday friends! We are so excited that you stopped by New Braunfels Bride. This blog and website have so much to offer. Not only can you find the best vendors in the business but also a blog full of inspiration and advice to help make your wedding planning process as flawless as ever. We cannot wait for the posts that we have coming up in the next few weeks.


6 Tips to Help Start Your Wedding Planning

Written by Katie @ Lovebird Productions

Congratulations! You are engaged and you couldn't be happier! But your best friend is asking when you want you first wedding shower. Your mom is asking if you have picked your date yet. Do not forget to answer that text from your college roommate wanting to know where your bachelorette party will be. Do NOT panic! The moment you get engaged the questions are going to start. It is 100% okay if you do not know all the answers. Take your time because guess what? It is your wedding and your engagement. It only happens once so savor it.


Favorite Detail: Wooden Cake Stands

Written by Katie @ Lovebird Productions

One thing you will quickly learn about me is that I love rustic, warm details. One detail that I cannot get enough of is wood accents. Whether it is a wooden bench or sign, light or dark stain, wood is such an amazing detail! The biggest thing that caught my eye is cake stands. I rounded up my top picks and of course I am sharing them with you. Do you like cake stands? Have any favorite wood details to share?



Wedding Planning With Pinterest

Written by Katie @ Lovebird Productions

It is hard to believe that there was life before Pinterest. Ladies and even gentlemen are using this site to keep track of their favorite DIY projects, wedding inspiration, recipes and even pictures that make them happy. It has taken wedding planning to a whole new level. Brides are able to keep all their organized thoughts and projects in one place. It makes planning easier.

New to Pinterest? Remember the good ole days of tearing out a magazine page you like or adding a bookmark of a pretty wedding online? Pinterest allows you to virtually "pin" that torn out photo to your online bulletin boards.


Interview with Shaunna Cates

Written by NB Bride

We interviewed Shaunna Cates, owner of cHAIRish the Day, for an article, and we liked her answers so much, we decided to publish the article in interview form.

When did you start your business?

April 2011. I have been in the salon industry for 10 years though. :)

What led you to get into this profession?

After my senior year of highschool, I went to work for the second largest full service salon in San Antonio in 2002,  as a receptionist. I was dating the owner's son at the time, and going to college, and just thought of the salon as a means of income. I ended up loving the atmosphere, and after multiple times of changing my mind about which college degree I would pursue, my mother suggested Cosmetology school.


10 wedding gifts you're not registering for, but should...

Written by NB Bride

Cleaning supplies? Charitable causes?

This article lists some interesting ideas for wedding gifts you might want to register for.


The Vintage Bride Look

Written by NB Bride

We found this link on Facebook from one of our Facebook friends. Take a look!

Vintage Bride Look


Destination Weddings in New Braunfels

Written by NB Bride

New Braunfels Destination Weddings Main Plaza BandstandNew Braunfels is becoming popular for "destination weddings." And there are many reasons...

You can find unique venues and accommodations, such as ceremony and reception facilities in historic buildings, and lodging in historic hotels. There are also many newer hotels to choose from (for accommodations) due to the town's tourist industry.


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