How to Avoid Running Behind on Your Wedding Day

Happy day loves! I cannot believe that our weekend is almost here! Just the thought gets me excited. Any exciting plans for your weekend? How about a few tips on how to stay on time on your wedding day for a pre-weekend celebration? I thought so.

The wedding day is all about timing. You have a lot to accomplish and things that have to get done. How can you avoid running behind on our wedding day?

First, don't run behind. ha! Just kidding. I do have a few helpful tips that I can offer:

1. Make sure your wedding party is informed. At your rehearsal, make sure that you stress the importance of being prompt. Encourage the wedding party to even be early. Provide times and addresses for each of them. Make sure you include your groom in on details and don't forget to discuss your expectations for the weekend.

2. Make an itinerary of your entire weekend. This is a must for each bride that I work with. Most coordinators or planners push brides to have an itinerary but if you are not working with a coordinator you still need to complete one. List all addresses, locations, times and a break down of what happens when. Pass along this itinerary to the wedding party and all vendors. It helps the flow of the day and keeps everyone on the same page when it comes to important times.

3. Make a shot list. If you are doing large group shots with your photographer or even multiple family photos, create a shot list to keep the photographer on track. It helps every one be organized and know which shot is next and who should be in it. A shot list keeps things moving forward.

4. Day of Coordinator. I highly suggest hiring one if you don't already have a planner. A day of coordinator answers all questions, gets the wedding party where they need to go, keeps everyone on schedule and deals with all your vendors. They are a must!

5. Have things completed. Regardless of if you are a DIY bride or not, make sure your decor and details are completed. You want all projects done and ready for your wedding weekend.

5. Don't stress. Things are going to happen but ultimately you are marrying your best friend. Keep a positive outlook for your wedding day. If you are overly worried about running behind, chances are you will. Enjoy your day and remember to take 5 minutes by yourself to soak it all in. It is so important to relax!

I hope that you find these tips helpful. How do you keep from running behind? Share them with us!

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