Picking Your First Dance Song

Your first dance spotlights your first moments as husband and wife. It is a time to celebrate your new nuptials, relief from all the wedding planning and a fun time to mark the beginning of your new life together! So how you do you decide on the perfect song?

Here are a few tips and ideas to help you decide on the perfect song!

1. Special Memories. Think back through all the wonderful dates and events you have attended as a couple. Did you dance to any fun songs? Old memories of past dances are a great way to help when picking your song. The first slow song my husband and I danced to (when dating) was Norah Jones "Come Away With Me." Ultimate Love Song. You do not have to use your first dance but it can point you in the right direction.

2. Favorite Artist. Start with the music you listen to most. If your favorite artist is country or soft rock, look through their songs to see if their is something that you really enjoy.

3. Write it down. I always hear a song on the radio or a commercial that I like and later cannot think of what it was. I write a note of the song in my phone or on a piece of paper to remember it.

4. Be true to yourself. Keep in mind the style of your ceremony and reception. Not that this has to determine your first dance but it can help! If you are having a traditional church reception, jamming out to hip hop probably is not the best idea. Make sure that your song reflects your personalities as a couple and fits your wedding's theme. Your song selection should make you happy and excited!

5. Research. Search the Internet, wedding books and magazines. There are ideas everywhere just waiting to be found!

6. Ask others. Don't be afraid to poll your friends and family for help. You do not have to tell them the winner but you can ask them for their suggestions. They may think of something that didn't cross your mind!

7. Dance it Out! Probably my favorite tip! Say you and your significant other have narrowed the list down to three songs, take the time to try dancing to them all. Not only is this fun but you can practice for the big day!

These are some simple tips to help the process of finding your perfect first dance song. Feel free to leave any tips or suggestions below!

Photo via Style Me Pretty via Nancy Ray Photography

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