Wedding Cake 101

Wedding Cake...Yummy wedding cake. Regardless of if you have a large dessert table with the added bonus of cupcakes or a large wedding cake to serve your guests, picking the perfect bakery treat is important and easy to do! Until I started searching for my perfect cake I had no idea what to expect. I was a bit behind on the process so I thought I would share a few tips to help make your decision easier!

1. Do your research. Before you get to the bakery, you need to have an idea of what you want. Yes, you may have a handful of questions but knowing what direction you want to go in is important. You can find inspiration through Pinterest & wedding blogs.

2. Take your other half. This is probably the one thing your groom is going to love! Cake testing is fun and yummy plus his opinion matters. The idea of a groom's cake is a big southern tradition. This is the time to let him have fun and choose what he likes. He may be like my husband and opt out of a personal cake but none the less let him have a say too!

3. Take your time. Here is the thing. The first bakery you try cakes at may not be the one that you select. Do not feel rushed when ordering your cake. Many bakery's need final numbers a week or two before the big day. Not that you should wait that long but know that you are not rushed. Your cake is a big deal. It is a moderate chunk of change and all guests love cake. Make sure you choose exactly what you want! Hey, it is your day!

4. Browse photos. Ask the bakery for photos of past cakes you like. When creating my cake I combined things I like in other photos. Bakers are creative. Ask for their help in design. You can also check out the internet or your favorite bridal magazine for more pictures. Take those with you!

5. Pick a style. After looking at cakes pick your style. Is your cake going to be trendy and stylish or elegant and timeless? Whichever style you choose make sure it resembles your wedding style too.

6. Ask questions. Lots of them. Here is the thing. Unless you are a baking expert, you don't know the difference between buttercream and fondant or how much three tiers will feed. Ask away! Bakers are use to it. If they get irritated with the questions then maybe they are not the bakery for you. Make sure you ask about setting up the cake. Some bakers have fees for driving a certain amount of miles for setup. These people do this for a living. Make sure you ask!

7. Find ways to save. Of course I love this tip! Many couples are opting for a gorgeous yet smaller two tier cake versus serving sheet cake. This cuts down on cost tremendously! Embarrassed by a sheet cake? Go ahead and cut the pieces, place them on plates and set them around the cake table. No one has to know! Besides if you are saving moo la...who cares! You can also ask about ways to save with referrals. Ask the bakers if you refer another bride can you get a discount or get 10 friends to like their Facebook page. Anything helps!

8. Remember details. This step is important! Now that you have selected your cake and are arranging the design of it, make sure you keep in mind where you want it for the reception. Most cakes are on display. Make sure that the table that displays the cake flows with your reception decor. Keep the details in mind of your cake plus the wedding reception. You want everything to fit including the topper!

9. Remember the weather. This one is pretty self explanatory but keep it in mind. When asking your questions, make sure the bakery knows the estimated temperature. This can affect the type of frosting you have to even the decorations on the cake. Bakers are advanced these days but don't let the weather ruin your cake!

10. Enjoy! Are your surprised this is on here? Yes, I know I include enjoy on almost all tips for this blog. But seriously try to enjoy yourself. This is the one thing that your soon to be husband will love plus you get to sample free cake! Hello...that's heaven!

I hope these tips help and good luck cake testing! If you want me to go with you, I do not mind!

Photos via Lovebird Productions

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