The Joy of Inspiration Boards

It might be hard to believe but there was a time when Pinterest didn't exist. A time when wedding blogs were new to the world wide web and ladies planned their wedding based off of magazines, books or what their cousins wedding was like. Gasp! It can be done but thank goodness the wedding world is full of fabulous inspiration. Whether it is a blog post or a picture in a magazine, we are surrounded by stunning images and creativity.

We have already covered finding your wedding style and wedding planning tips when using Pinterest but today I wanted to talk about the importance of inspiration boards. I will admit that I am 100% not crafty. I cannot use photoshop. I cannot create fabulous pictures with a camera. I cannot DIY to save my life. I have pretty hand writing and that is about as far as it goes. When projects come up, I immediately create an inspiration board. It is simple, easy and free. Any budget bride loves free!

An inspiration board is a cohesive and structured idea board. All of your favorite images, the way you want your flowers to look, the way you want your hair styled, the way you want the place settings can all be put on one board. It sets the tone for your wedding. It allows those who are helping plan have direction. You start with your inspiration board and build on top of it to create your gorgeous wedding. You can rearrange, try new ideas and smile knowing you have direction for your wedding. Inspiration boards make life easy. I highly recommend them.

Some of my favorite sources for one-of-a-kind inspiration boards and ideas are:

1. The Perfect Palette: This blog is a color combo haven. You can browse thousands of inspiration boards until you find the perfect color palette for your special day.

2. Style Me Pretty: This website/blog is FULL of gorgeous, gorgeous inspiration. They even have a tool to use to create free inspiration boards. Make as many as you like. Website here.

3. Burnett's Boards: Sara is so talented. She pulls the prettiest images together and makes one-of-a-kind inspiration boards. Burnett's boards is a must for your wedding planning!

So get started. What do you come up with? Share your inspiration boards with us! Post them on our Facebook page which I am sure you already liked. Happy wedding planning!

Photos via Style Me Pretty Texas

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