Simple Ways to Save On Your Wedding Budget

I know that finances are not everyone's favorite topic but I am confidentially eek addressing this topic. I want to start with giving some basic tips to get you started in financial planning for your wedding. I highly recommend starting with knowing your budget before you go any further with planning your wedding.

Every one has different expectations for their dream wedding but with expectations comes cost. Weddings today (via research statistics) cost between $24,000 to $29,000. Calm down. Don't panic. Step away from the chocolate cake. Well if you share with me, it is okay. These numbers are scary. For what it takes on average to get married in today's times could buy you are car, pay off students loans or feed a third world country for years. Average is such a lame word. None of you are average so let's step away from high wedding costs.

Regardless of who is paying for your wedding (parents or you and your groom) set a number. How much are you willing to pay for your wedding? This is a financial investment and should be planned out. Setting a budget is crucial. Make a list of the things that are most important to you. As a couple, what do you want to spend the most on? A wedding planner? A fabulous location? When Rusty and I were planning, we agreed that having a unforgettable reception and making it memorable for our guest was our top priority which made our reception the area where we spent the most money.

Now you have your set budget for the wedding. What are other ways to cut down on costs?

1. What day of the week? More people are getting married on Sunday or Friday evenings. See if your location offers a better deal for non Saturday weddings. Yes, everyone gets married on Saturdays (I did) but if you can save money by moving your time or day then why not? The people who you truly want at your wedding will be there no matter when you get married.

2. Flower power. The best piece of advice one of my Matron's of Honor gave me was no one will remember what flowers or centerpieces you have. When I disagreed, she asked me what hers were from her wedding. Guess what? She was right.  I had no idea. Not many guests know what flowers are in season or will even remember the bouquet. Ask your florist what flowers are the most inexpensive. I am not asking you to compromise on the pretty details, just find less expensive but just as stunning details.

3. DIY like a crazy lady. If you can make it for cheaper then buying it, why not? If you are crafty or have crafty bridesmaids/friends do not be afraid to ask them to jump on the DIY bandwagon. Make sure that DIY is something you have time for and are reasonably good at. If it is not your thing then do not take on a do it yourself attitude for your wedding. Stick with what makes you happy!

3. Bond with other brides. Know anybody or have a friend who would offer their services cheaper? Have you asked other brides who they used? I have a friend at my church who is wanting to start making invitations and has great rates. She is new to doing this for more than just her best buds. Other brides may have inside secrets to good finds. Don't be afraid to shop around for the best vendors either.

4. Sheet cake! Oh my goodness, I know she didn't just say sheet cake. At a wedding? Yes, sheet cake may not be your favorite but it can be much more cake for a BIG price difference. I am not suggesting that you skip the beautiful brides cake but try a smaller fancy cake and then add a sheet cake. Your cake will be great for pictures and keeping the top layer for your one year anniversary. After the cake is gone, a sheet cake can be served. Almost every wedding I have been to I am handed my piece of cake and do not even notice if it comes straight from the brides cake or not. The beauty is you can save major dollars, feed just as many plus keep the same flavor for both cakes.

I know that these tips may not be life changing but savings money in some areas always helps. Do not let money overwhelm you. You can pull off your dream wedding for a reasonable price. Write everything down, set a plan and spend wisely. In the end you will have a gorgeous wedding and can smile even more when you realize how much you saved.

Feel free to leave your comments below of other tips for keeping your budget in the green! Images via Green Wedding Shoes.

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