New Resolutions, New You

Happy New Year! Can you believe it is 2013? It seems that the holidays passed so quickly but the biggest question is who got engaged this holiday season? I also associate the holidays with engagements. What a magical time to get engaged! Christmas lights twinkling, chilly temps, cute scarves + boots and your love on bended knee. Who doesn't love the idea?

If you are newly engaged, New Braunfels Bride is here to help. This blog and website is a guide to the best vendors in the business plus advice and tips on planning your best wedding ever. You get this chance once so make the most of it!

Before we dive into all the wedding planning posts in the next months, let's talk resolutions. We all make them and we all have the best intentions but honestly, keeping them can be hard. I want to offer you encouragement.

1. Be realistic. Whether this relates to planning your wedding or resisting every sale at your favorite store, make goals that stick. Realistic goals should be obtainable but still offer a challenge. Instead of saying I want to lose 10 pounds, just start with losing weight.

2. Write it down + review regularly. This one is the best tip I can offer. We think of resolutions and goals for the new year but fail to write them down. Write down your goals and put them in to action. Also review your goals frequently. Rereading your desires helps recharge your batteries two months from now when you feel a little deflated.

3. Have fun! Do not make a list of 20+ resolutions. Add a few fun things on your list. If you want to treat yourself to a pedicure every month, then make time for it. I kind of like that idea for my resolutions. Ha! If you want to visit the farmers market more then do it. Treat yourself to fun and rest! It helps you keep going and makes you smile.

So what are you resolutions? I hope that reading New Braunfels Bride is on that list! Happy Thursday!

Photos via Bayside Bride

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