A unique New Braunfels wedding venue - Milltown Historic District

Written by NB Bride

Milltown Historic District is a unique property with three beautiful wedding venues Located in the heart of historic New Braunfels, Texas. Milltown is the perfect location for your wedding ceremony, wedding reception, rehearsal dinner or any other event or party you may be planning.


A new place for weddings and receptions, Gruene Estate

With all the rustic charm of Texas and the romantic elegance of France, Gruene Estate is New Braunfels’ newest wedding venue.

Owners, Danny and Anna Lisa Tamez have created a unique and beautiful setting for couples to begin their lives together.

Stained glass windows from an old church in England were the inspiration for the open-air chapel that seats up to 200 wedding guests.  As the bride enters through the large wooden doors from France, a bell in the bell tower announces her arrival.


Make a Plan B

Written by Katie @ Lovebird Productions

outdoor_weddingWhen planning my wedding I always dreamed of having an outdoor shindig. From the beginning, I wanted stars, sunsets, lights and a fog machine (true story). I searched various places to find just the right venue. The ultimate goal for Rusty and I was to plan an outdoor wedding weekend. We wanted friends and family to get to spend the whole weekend having a wonderful time. How often do you get to spend time just enjoying each others company? It also helped spreading things out over the weekend for those who traveled long distances. So did I make a plan B?


Welcome to New Braunfels Bride!

Written by Katie @ Lovebird Productions

Welcome to New Braunfels Bride! While some of you are a current readers, we are grateful for the new faces that are popping by. If this is your first time here, welcome. We truly are happy you have joined us. So what exactly is New Braunfels Bride? What can you expect? Well find out more after the jump!


Happy Valentine's Day!

Written by Katie @ Lovebird Productions

Happy Valentine's Day from New Braunfels Bride! We are thrilled to be a part of your wedding planning experience! What are you plans for tonight? A big date night out in your favorite dress? Or a movie and dinner in cuddled on the couch? Let us know! The biggest question...Who got engaged? Spill all the details!

Remember to celebrate this holiday your way!

Photo via Lovebird Productions by Kira Cronin Photography


How to Avoid Running Behind on Your Wedding Day

Written by Katie @ Lovebird Productions

Happy day loves! I cannot believe that our weekend is almost here! Just the thought gets me excited. Any exciting plans for your weekend? How about a few tips on how to stay on time on your wedding day for a pre-weekend celebration? I thought so.


Staying Organized with Your Wedding

Written by Katie @ Lovebird Productions

Oh the woes of wedding planning. Some find it a joyous experience while others dread certain aspects of planning. While I love every little detail, I do think that every bride should start in the same place - with an organizer. This comes from first hand experience and because what bride doesn't want a new & fun accessory?


Picking Your First Dance Song

Written by Katie @ Lovebird Productions

Your first dance spotlights your first moments as husband and wife. It is a time to celebrate your new nuptials, relief from all the wedding planning and a fun time to mark the beginning of your new life together! So how you do you decide on the perfect song?

Here are a few tips and ideas to help you decide on the perfect song!


Bring On the Paper Goods

Written by Katie @ Lovebird Productions

When I planned my wedding I never knew the world of paper goods. Now that my wedding has come and gone, my invitations would be one aspect I would change. Confession: I am obsessed with paper goods. My stationary collection is nuts. Absolutely nuts. But I love invites and how warm they make people feel. I am so happy to be writing a post all about invitations!


Tantogo offers spray tan services for that wedding day glow!

Written by NB Bride

Bride with tan in white wedding gownEverything looks better with a tan…especially a white wedding gown! Every bride wants to glow on her special day, and now there’s a safe, sunless way to tan.

Tantogo is the premier spray tanning salon in New Braunfels. Owner Brandi Mayo, a registered esthetician, was working in a popular local salon in 2010 when she hit on the idea of opening her own spray tan business. Her husband, Neel, agreed to partner with her and in mid-2010 they sprayed their first customer in their home. But with two small, curious children underfoot, the tanning booth was soon moved into the couple’s garage.


How to Ask Others to Help With Wedding Planning

Written by Katie @ Lovebird Productions

Wedding planning brings so many emotions to the table. Who pays for this? Do we have time to make that DIY? Who do I invite to our big day? Who is going to help me make all these plans? New Braunfels Bride can help point you in the right direction.


Honesty With Dress Shopping

Written by Katie @ Lovebird Productions

Hi all! Tuesday is already here. I decided that it was time for one of those really honest posts. Let's not waste any time and dive right in.

How cute are they? Boho, you are the best. I figured that we should talk a bit about dress shopping aka the day every girl dreams of. I can remember tagging along to many dress shopping adventures with my friends. I just knew that when my day came I would wear a sweetheart neckline, capped sleeve, flowing gown based on all my "experience." When it was finally my time, I stuck with those style gowns. Guess what? They were a bust. What I thought was going to be my wedding dress style was completely off.


Wedding Cake 101

Written by Katie @ Lovebird Productions

Wedding Cake...Yummy wedding cake. Regardless of if you have a large dessert table with the added bonus of cupcakes or a large wedding cake to serve your guests, picking the perfect bakery treat is important and easy to do! Until I started searching for my perfect cake I had no idea what to expect. I was a bit behind on the process so I thought I would share a few tips to help make your decision easier!


The Joy of Inspiration Boards

Written by Katie @ Lovebird Productions

It might be hard to believe but there was a time when Pinterest didn't exist. A time when wedding blogs were new to the world wide web and ladies planned their wedding based off of magazines, books or what their cousins wedding was like. Gasp! It can be done but thank goodness the wedding world is full of fabulous inspiration. Whether it is a blog post or a picture in a magazine, we are surrounded by stunning images and creativity.


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